Best ayurvedic treatment centre in Bengal | A legacy of 5 generations

Shova Ayurved has been a well-preserved gem overcoming all the difficulties. The Shova Ayurved had evolved into Ayurvedic centre that can host guest from all over the world in a very acceptable to everyone standards. A science so sacred, that only the Authentic Doctors or centres can survive in this divine program. Only the best Ayurvedic centre will be able to pass on the knowledge to the next generation.

A five Generations old Ayurvedic family runs Shova Ayurved. Consists of a panel of Doctors having the 4th and 5th generation of Doctors. Dr K.C.BISWAS, our 4th generation Doctor, is the one who envisioned the need for transforming the demand for Authentic Ayurveda from household science to forming the centre of excellence best Ayurvedic centres. He implemented all possible modernization without losing its Authenticity.

From medicine formulations and preparations in the Shova Ayurved owned GMP cerified herbal products to the selection of organic vegetables and fruits we always keep the best Ayurveda center standards.